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Redeem your  download code At IDDC Studios we have over 45 years of combined music experience in a wide range of genres such as but not limited to Rap, Country, Rock, Alternative, R&B, Spoken word, Audio books and automated systems and other audio need you might need. Come take a tour of our facility today Boom and Hooks, a subsidiary of IDDC offers a wide range of instrumentals and if we don’t already have it, we will make it. perfect for album, mixtapes, singles or a person projects. We offer Beats with hooks, royalty free beats, exclusive beat, lease beats , bulk beats, we can even bring in live instruments if needed for your project and more. Come meet the team Click here Click here IDDC Clothing is a clothing line we designed for artist and music lovers alike. We pride ourselves on the quality of music produced at IDDC Studios and carry that same pride in our apparel. When you buy, your not just buying clothing you’re becoming a part of our dream. Click here
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